your past and present

Your past and you…..

Why do you like some people?

Why do you hate the others?

Why do you like doing certain things?

Why do you hate doing certain things?

The answer lies in you.

If you think your childhood is just a bunch of experience you had in your past and what you are now is completely independent of what you were in the past and what sort of experiences you had in the past, then let me tell you, you can’t be any wrong. You are a mirror of what you were in the past and what sort of experiences you had in your life. Why you like some people, why you hate the others, why you like doing certain things, why you hate doing certain things, the answers of all these question lies within yourself – “your past”. If you succeed in understanding these things, you’ll be better able to understand yourself and also mould yourself into a better yourself in future. In this article, i’ve exemplified a few events, reading which, more or less, you’ll be able to understand how a person is engraved by his past experiences and hopefully, you’ll be able to understand yourself better.

Imagine that your teacher has told you to give a class presentation. You have prepared very hard for it. You go to the stage. You feel nervous. Now’ you have started speaking. But, wait, everyone’s laughing. Why? Your chain was open. You quickly close it. You want to speak now, but nothing strikes your mind, All that you hear is your class bursting with laughter. Seeing your pitiful state, the teacher calls you back to take your seat.

Now, tell me, wont this make you hate class presentations? Wont you deny the next time someone calls you for such presentations? the answer is yes. This even will demoralize you and make you inconfident about yourself. This is just one example of many things that may happen to you. Now, think yourself how many of such events have you encountered in your life so far. You might have forgotten these events but your subconscious mind never does. It’ll always pull you back whenever you think to try that again. On the contrast, what if you had an excellent presentation? At that time, of course, you’ll love class presentations and move forward if any other class presentations are offered to you. This is the same theory you can apply for examinations – you hate it if your results are always bad but you’ll like it if your exams are always good. It is the same for singing, dancing, playing games, etc – you’ll like it if you got praised in it, and you’ll hate it if you were made fun of by your friends. This is how you develop your hobbies. Here’s a bitter truth – Its not that you are good at the games you like, the truth is you like the games because you are good at it.

“Why do they hate me?”

The above examples must have given you an idea on how your past affects your character in general. Now, let me cite another example why you hate some people or like some people although they’ve always been neutral to you. Say, you had got a tall, lean and long haired classmate in your childhood who always bullied you and caused you lots of trouble. At the same class, say you had a short, fat and short haired friend who always helped you, was friendly to you, and assisted you in your troubles. now, in the present, whenever you see anybody who is tall, lean and long haired, your subconscious mind will remember the bad guy of your past and you’ll automatically start not liking that person, whereas anybody who’s short and fat will make you feel more secure. Later in future life, you’ll end up having the friends with similar physical appearance, speaking tone, behavior etc to your best friend of your school life.

“Am I really Stupid?”

No! You are not. Everyone is talented and skillful from birth. Their environment and their own attitude is what turns them to what they are now. Even if you are not stupid, if you are called stupid by your friends and relatives repeatedly, you’ll start believing them. So dont believe other’s remarks.

“Summing Up”

Cutting the story short, you’ll hate anything that had once harmed you or made you feel inferior whereas you’ll love anything that had once helped you or made you feel superior. But that doesnt mean the same thing will have the same impact in the present, so dont run away from class presentations or exams, rather face them and do well in them such that your self esteem increases and your future wont be a fearful one. And stand forward, face them and tell yourself “I’m better than that”.

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