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What is love? The actual meaning of love..Undoubtedly, we can’t describe the true meaning of love because it is so hard to define as it doesn’t exist in one form. However, there exist some words that can describe what love is. So, what is love? Is love feeling? Passion? Attraction Commitment? Caring? Attachment Addiction? Lust? Or Lastly, Here is an example to describe love in today’s generation.

Once an old man asked to a boy: why are you  eating their fish?

Boy replied: you know that I love fish.

Old man: (Gives him a killer look) Oh! So you love fish right? That’s why you took it out of the water and killed it and boiled it for yours satisfaction.

(By making sad face). Honey! Don’t tell me you love the fish. You only love yourself and because the fist tastes good to you therefore you took out of the water and killed it. Boiled it.

Thus, in today’s generation love is like a fist love. Young couples fall in love. So, what does that really mean? Girls thought in this man somebody who could fulfill her all physical and emotional needs. That was love right? But each person is looking for their own needs. In this type of love, other person becomes a vehicle. Too much of what is called love is fish love.So, after a lot of drama in love there comes saddest part i.e.heart break. Some people walk into our life and changes each and everything about what happens next. When they enter in our life all we can do is surrender. Everything about them defeats us. The person we thought now suddenly vanishes and there comes an end.

Isn’t love is suicide? Yeah, I am talking about that love where souls whisper and make promises to each other but only hardcore remembers. Have you ever been deeply connected to someone? Then obviously, you can feel it. It’s the beauty that one part of our heart celebrates and we are the part of its boys. It ends. It just ends. You break and now it’s over. You even don’t know why it’s over? Like you can’t believe it’s over now. All we can do is stand there wondering if there’s anything left off to put it back together. All there is left memory. Only memory. Reminiscence. Now, we feel that where we are. Maybe, there are no answers. It seems to me that love is not always familiar, it doesn’t always survive the same way. Sometime, it shows up in the dark because sometime it is like allergic to bear light. There is a kind of love that is always with us even we try to walk away. It there whispering in the dark chambers of our hearts. It’s never truly silent because even the dark plumes of smoke flying candle mines.It doesn’t matter how love comes. All matters is that when it’s gone. It hurts. The most. We would swim at the pain with death itself. It’s devastating. It’s like watching ourselves dying before the actual death.Hearts are fragile things. They break easily and if we try to heal it things will not be like before. So, is that all? All there is the big drama that takes us up and suddenly drops. Though, heartbreak is painful but it’s not a nail coffin. It’s not the end of act. Heartbreak is not the end of all that. It is the new beginning. Its other side of love calling you even closer to yourself. I believe broken heart isn’t a loss of love. A broken heart is the full blown announcement of love that is coming in our future. Whenever heart breaks, we feel like we’re lost. The pain wouldn’t let us see beyond. All we feel is agony because heartbreak is a powerful expression of misalignment being emotionally off track. But we’ve to heal. Healing take emotionally getting back on track again. That may take time. Heartbreak feels like betrayal. If someone hurts us emotionally, it turns into hate. The hate isn’t really. What is there is when we feel hate it means I’m hurt. Heart break feels like we’ve lost a part of us within ourselves. We feel like something is missing. Be present with your pain and be with people who can be present with your pain. This is the only the way to be out of heartbreak. Then, new world comes within yourself. We start to feel like the rebirth of ourselves. If you have never gone some place, then jump on the bus. Do something that you’ve never done or something you stopped doing. Say hello to strangers and do adventurous in life. Believe me you will begin to feel some energy coming back with higher vibration and that puts us in a stronger position.

Now we can feel relaxed. Heart break is just an experience. It is a piece to the puzzle whose picture can only be seen after the experience. It everything happens in this universe to teach something positive then we must experience it. Heart break is not destruction, it is the new beginning. With this in mind, there are some people who can walk away from us. And hear me when people can walk away from us let them walk. Stop begging people to stay. Rather kiss them goodbye. You will feel better. Always we can’t feel the taste of love like before the centuries. Love in today’s generation is like;

“Love is temporary, betray is constant”

Love isn’t a game, we must respect the feeling of love. Love is like frigid to this generation of kids. Love is like ephemeral. It doesn’t last for a long time.

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