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Positive thinking A key to Success……To keep an affirmative view on any subject matter is known as positive thinking. It is a mental attitude that sees the bright sides of a problem and also expects good results. A positive mind anticipates happiness,joy, psychological comfort and expects a successful outcome of every situation. People with positive thoughts hunk about possibilities, growth, expansion and success.They think in terms of ‘I CAN’, ‘I AM ABLE’ and ‘I WILL SUCCEED’. They may suffer from many problems and may face obstacles, but they will try again and stand up with high confidence.

Patience will teach our mind to think positively and ignore negative ones. We should keep patience to inject beneficial, good and happy thoughts in our mind. We can change our negative behavior by smiling a little more, quiting any feeling of laziness, using positive words in our dialogue while talking with others. Here are some suggestive tips on positive attitude which will lead us to happiness and success:

1.Try to be happy.

2. Look at the bright side of life.

3. Try to smile more often.

4. Have faith in yourself.

5. Associate with happy people.

6. Read inspiring books, magazines, articles and stories.

7. Try to be optimistic.

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