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I decided to try a Numerology Report and go through it myself from top to the bottom. “I’m blown away! [The report] actually showed me things about myself that I hadn’t had confidence in before… It also helped me in my relationship – where I could improve it and how I could become a stronger partner.”[ I am NOT joking, It’s True ]

Read this unbiased review to discover the real truth that nobody is sharing with you!

The website is called If you are reading this Review then probably you may have these questions in your mind:

Is Numerology real?

Can Numerology help me in finding the purpose of my life?

Why Mike Madigan’s is making huge waves on the internet? Is it real?

Let’s Get Started:

Your name and date of birth tell a lot about you. By understanding the secret behind your name and date of birth you can create the life you wanted it to be.

Get FREE Personalized Numerology Video Report: Surprising Result 1

I personally give you this offer[Limited Time] and try this FREE personalized numerology report, I am sure that it will make you surprised:

Explore your Life Path, Expression, and Soul Urge Numbers (and more) in ways you’ve NEVER (ever) seen before to reveal…

You can download the free personalized report there. Just by reading this free report you learn a lot about your personality that will help you in choosing right career and prepare yourself for the problems that will come to you in the near future.

You Will Find These Things in Your Report:
  • Deep desires you may be ignoring and what you can do to finally attain them…
  • Where you’ve been incorrectly putting your energy and how you can make an easy and effortless “switch” to end the struggle…
  • What makes you tick, your attitude towards work, and the perfect environment you need to flourish professionally…
  • Secret talents and hidden strengths (and how to use them to get what you truly want!)…
  • Powerful insight into your character, quirky personality traits, and the unique ways in which you relate to others…
  • Upcoming challenges and lessons you’re meant to learn in this life as well as unexplored opportunities and to change your life for the better…

About Numerologist Website:

Numerologist is a website that was created by a team of experts in the field of Numerology with the mission of helping people transform their lives through their special numbers. It combines the wisdom of ancient Numerology with the convenience of modern technology so that you can derive all the Numerological guidance from the comfort of your couch.

As most of the Numerologist reviews prove, it is an end-to-end mechanism of experts, reports and regular updates based on Numerology, to help you succeed in your life’s journey. It also boasts of the world’s largest online Numerology and spiritual community. As is quite common with a number of websites offering different kinds of services, the Numerologist too gives you a taste of what to expect through its free Numerology report.

You just have to fill in your name and date of birth, and the report gives you a basic reading of your numerology chart in the form of a pleasant video. The video report walks you through the process and breaks down the analysis for you. It informs you that basically there are five core elements that impact your life- your life path number, birthday number, expression number, soul urge number, and your personality number. Once you are done watching the video, there are options for buying the detailed reports and products, which we discuss in the next section of this Numerologist review.

What is Included in Numerologist Website?

One of the noticeable features of the Numerologist website is that it offers a range of different kinds of products and services. Let us give you a glimpse of them:

  • A variety of personalized Numerology reports: One of the latest offerings from the Numerologist team is the Numerologist Personality Decoder Report. As part of our Numerologist Personality Decoder Report review, we can say that it is a comprehensive extension of the free Numerology chart report you receive when you arrive at the website. This product is also another version of one of the website’s more well-known products, the Deluxe Report.
  • The Deluxe Report: As most Numerologist reviews vouch, is one of the most accurate Numerology reports on the internet at the moment. Most of the people who had opted for it have recorded videos and posted reviews of it saying that the report did a great job of analyzing their personalities, dreams, and vision for the future.
  • The Annual Numerology Forecast: This report, as the name suggests, is all about predictions about your future. It addresses the burning questions on almost everybody’s minds about how their year ahead looks like, and whether they will live a life of abundance, love, and joy.
  • The Cosmic Collection: Another popular product on the website as the reviews show, the Cosmic Collection goes beyond the realms of Numerology. It draws on your planetary alignments to give you an overview of your love life, your health, and wellbeing as well as insights into your career.
  • The Monthly Astrology Forecast: If you are keen to know what the month ahead looks like, this product informs you about the cosmic events that are going to influence your life in the next one month.
  • Audio and video programs: The website also contains a selection of audio and video-based programs on manifestations techniques using Numerology, guided healing methods to connect with the source energy and Transcendental Meditation methods to invoke angels.

In addition to the above products you also get to listen to podcasts, explore the blog and even download ebooks on a wide range of topics that help you embrace your true potential.

Numerologist Team- Introducing the Experts

Seven of the most celebrated names in Numerology are behind the Numerologist website. Each has carved his or her own niche in their respective area of expertise.  Enthusiasts reading this Numerologist review would perhaps already know about them.

Kari Samuels: An Intuitive counselor and Happiness coach

Felicia Bender: Ph.D.Author, public speaker, and teacher

Tania Gabrielle: Wealth Astro-Numerologist and coach

Shaheen Miro: Intuitive consultant, Energy worker, and Artist

Elizabeth Harper: Color intuitive, Artist and Teacher

Natalie Pescetti: Coach and consultant

Jessica McKay: Intuitive coach and Spiritual teacher

What Makes Report Unique?

  • User-friendly website with all information and offerings upfront
  • Free Numerology report
  • A profusion of content on Numerology in the form of blogs and videos
  • The blogs are mostly written by the Numerologist team itself
  • Once purchased, users can simply download the Numerologist books and digital pdfs and get going
  • Bonuses and discounts upon purchases of high-end products

However, the smart thing that the website has introduced is the Numerologist coupon. You just have to apply the coupon during the time of check-out and get impressive discounts. This brings down the price of the products considerably. For instance, with a 50% promo offer with the Numerologist coupon, the Numerologist Personality Decoder Report comes down to minimal from its original sale price.

Does Numerologist Really Work?

And now, for the burning questions that we know have been on your mind while reading this Numerologist review- does Numerologist really work? Is it legit? Does it make sense to invest time or money in it? Most of the reviews we checked online are extremely positive.

Users who have bought the products rave about how precise the readings and predictions are. In fact, even those who just sample the free report when they visit the website for the first time, find the readings about their personality shockingly correct.

The Numerologist Personality Decoder Report reviews show that great numbers of people are satisfied[including me😀] with the new product on the website, and are now recommending it to their friends and family. In this review, we too admit, that the free report was quite convincing.

It has been designed and curated in a manner that will satisfy both Numerology followers and first-timers looking to gain more knowledge on the subject. There is an abundance of content that slowly draws the user in, making them want to explore the mysterious world of Numerology and how it can shape one’s destiny.

In conclusion you can find your life path number, numerological chart, compatibility in life and dark side of you etc.

Numerologist customer reviews


Before creating this review, I tested this service to check if it really provides that much accurate information that it is claiming in their video. Once I receive the report, I got really impressed with the detailed information it provides regarding different areas of life and predictions are pretty much accurate as well.

However, on the other hand, if you have trust in numerology and looking for a solution that can ‘support’ you in making a better decision towards your career, health, relationship or anything, then you can get great help from PDF.

It is very common for a normal individual to be skeptical about this type of numerology chart as there are many fake numerologists out there.

However, the only solution to find if reports are real is to try them. Just to let you know Mike is offering first free report completely free to check the accuracy of these reports and in case if you decide to buy their premium reports, then you will receive 60-days money back guarantee as well. Considering the option of the free report and money back guarantee I don’t think you have any reason for not trying it out.

Numerologist doesn’t force anything on you. It just tells you what the website can do for you- which is to unlock the secrets of numbers to help you live a more rewarding life. Isn’t that what we all are trying to pursue anyway- solutions and methods that could connect us with our inner-self and help us live better lives?

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the Numerologist Website?

Numerologist Website is created by a team of experts with the mission of helping people transform their lives through their special numbers. You just have to fill in your name and date of birth, and the report gives you a basic reading of your numerology chart in the form of a pleasant video.

Who should buy Numerologist?

If you wanted to make sense of life’s coincidences or wanted to achieve your dreams without struggling to get there? Then this numerology report and reading is a great and important place to start.

How does Numerologist work?

It offers a customized report based on your given name and your birthdate. Instantly, you receive a detailed report all about you, which is an essential starting point to discovering your potential and future. So there is no need to spend hours, reading a book, or listening to a lengthy seminar before getting the “secret” to your potential.

Is Numerologist worth a try?

A lot of users have already benefited from the knowledge they gained. And it offers a money-back guarantee, which is valid for one year after you have ordered a premium report. Seema a risk-free offer, which is worth trying if you are interested in the numerology influence on your life.In a world that is constantly telling us what to do with our lives and what choices we should be making, wouldn’t self-awareness be a blessing? Wouldn’t it be great to delve deep into our personality and discover our life’s true purpose on our own? If your answer is a resounding yes to these questions, then this Numerologist review will be a great benefit to you. Here we review the popular Numerologist website which is based on the chief tenet that you have enormous hidden power in the numbers that define you.


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